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Helping Children With Disabilities Get "fit For The Future"

A new program may help improve the lives of children with disabilities-and help them better manage their health. Sixty-six percent of adults with disabilities are not very satisfied with their lives........ Read More

Small Children, Languages And Myths

Our children are growing up bilingual in the French part of Canada – Québec. “That’s fine”, says everyone. “Even though they’ll probably start speaking later because they’re learning t........ Read More

The Angry And Sometimes Grumpy Children Of The 1950's

A bunch of us in our late 40's and early 50's got together the other night, and after the evening was over I started thinking that many of us born in the 1950's are in a crisis stage. People can't un........ Read More

Tips For Moving With Young Children

Moving can upset children of any age. It frequently causes them to feel apprehensive and insecure. But, don’t despair; there are many things you can do to make the moving experience less scary for y........ Read More

The Hottest Childrens Toy For 2007: Ride On Cars

Children always like to imitate adults. Whether it is a good habit or a bad habit, children will just follow the adult. In this way, when children see their parents driving, they too want to drive. Wi........ Read More

Your Children Know More Latin Than You

The beautiful language of Latin has been undergoing an incredible revival of interest lately. Why has this formerly moldy language acquired a new luster? What constitutes a "revival of interest"? La........ Read More

Changing Children's Lives: A Woman's Mission

Life changed for Dorothy Samson in an Indian orphanage. Seeing the incredible needs of the children there, the Colorado resident knew she could make a difference. So started a journey that led her to........ Read More

Suggestions For Home Remedies To Use On Children

We have all been in a situation as parents at one time or another where we wished things had occurred differently. It never fails, just as everything is going badly, something else comes along and ........ Read More

Children And Motorcycles

Many children grow up in families where motorcycles are a part of life. I can remember my husband taking our boys for rides as soon as they were old enough to walk. This was scary for me as I don’........ Read More

Digestive Disorder Linked To Some Children's Allergies

Allergies can cause reactions to anything from pollen to pet dander to peanut butter. While it's not uncommon for children to be allergic to some foods, imagine being a child like 5-year-old Charlie M........ Read More

Children And Violence

How far does violence extend, how do we determine exactly who is responsible for the violence that children are seeing on television and in music. What about video games, who is taking the responsi........ Read More

This Year, Let Your Children Fail In School

Throwing a safety net under a kid is tantamount to slinging a noose around his neck. Everyone wants kids to succeed. All adults want children to become responsible, independent learners who grow to m........ Read More

Children Of The 21st Century

The good old days as I remember them were just that, the good old days. Children of the 21st century Playing hopscotch hide and seek even a game of rounders was all in a day's fun for a thirteen yea........ Read More

Five Tips On Your Children & Television

Television can be one of the worst influences on your child. But that doesn't mean that it has to be! By following these tips you can help your child get the benefits watching television without becom........ Read More

Ditch The Fizz - Sugar-free Creates Obesity In Children

From Dr. Janet Starr Hull's website Splenda Exposed: The percentage of overweight children has tripled in the past two decades, and the percentage of obese adults has ........ Read More


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Child furniture Child Bed Child Room Child Item
Childproof Child Home Child Bedroom Clean Room

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Child furniture Child Bed Child Room Child Item
Childproof Child Home Child Bedroom Clean Room

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